Corporate Social Responsibility

Marbank is committed to demonstrating the highest level of professionalism to nurture its team, its clients and the environment.

The company aims:

  • To provide a professional and competitive service to our clients.
  • To work in a sustainable way, selecting materials, procedures and operating methods which pay due regard to sustainability and seek to minimise the company’s impact on the environment.
Underscoring this commitment, Marbank is currently implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS) and aims to achieve UKAS accredited registration under ISO 14001 during 2014. The EMS policy statement can be seen here.
  • To provide a safe, professional and modern working environment which meets the expectations and aspirations of our staff and of our industry partners.
  • To work responsibly in the wider community. Marbank recognises the importance of working in a socially responsible manner, and seeks to mitigate problems which can arise from construction operations.

Policies, procedures, and staff training are developed in accordance with this commitment.