Bromley & Bexleyheath, Kent

Bromley - £2.0m
Bexleyheath - £1.5m
Bromley - 54 Weeks
Bexleyheath - 50 Weeks
Bromley - Denning Male Polisano 
Bexleyheath - Sawkings & Norton Architectur Ltd

Marbank currently have two separate projects in the Kent area for South East Property Investments LLP.  Both builds include accommodation and retail units.

A three story RC framed building comprising of eight 2 bedroom flats above a retail unit on the ground floor to be occupied by Tesco.  This project also involves the construction of a traditional 2 story 4 bedroom house.
Fifteen car parking spaces will also be made available along with associated cycle and refuse spaces.

Eight modern residential apartments on two upper floors, with two retail units on ground level.
This also includes parking and a unique cycle lock-up.